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2 days. Master series. Learn how to use InDesign CC to create ePubs for the emerging eBook market.

Beginning with an overview of digital publishing for the ebook marketplace, the course demonstrates how to prepare existing InDesign files for optimal EPUB and Kindle conversion. This is an advanced class. Participants are expected to be experienced InDesign users. Little or no code writing is necessary! Students are encouraged to bring their own tablet to test the project. Topics will include:

  • Understanding XHTML and CSS
  • EPUB 2 flowable and EPUB 3 fixed layout
  • ™™Page layout versus content order and flow
  • Learn to simplify and let go of physical layout
  • Supported and unsupported features
  • ™™Working with Story Editor
  • ™™Formatting options with paragraph and character styles
  • Special scripts to help clean up text
  • Mapping paragraph and character styles to tags
  • ™™Working with anchored graphics and text frames
  • Setting the custom rastization of images
  • Build a front cover for your EPUB
  • ™™Controlling page breaks with paragraph styles
  • Controlling page breaks with the Article panel
  • ™™Adding cross-references and hyperlinks
  • ™™Generating Table of Contents and creating a TOC style
  • ™™Preparing InDesign document for export to EPUBs
  • ™™Adding publication metadata for author and title
  • EPUBs export options dialog box
  • ™™Editing EPUB files in a text editor
  • Testing projects in eReaders on your tablet
  • Validating the code
  • Building assets for the publisher
  • Submitting the EPUB to iBookstore
  • Submitting the EPUB for Kindle


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