You are purchasing an extension plug-in made with Adobe Configurator 3.1.1 or newer, a beta software that is designed to help build extension panels for InDesign CS5 and CS6 and Photoshop CS5 and CS6. Configurator currently does not support any other Creative Suite software. A beta software may prove to have slight bugginess in operation. These panels come with no warranty expressed nor implied, although it should work on your system. It has been tested on OS X and on Windows 7 64-bit and works fine. You might experience the active tool changing randomly after pressing a keyboard shortcut, like Fit Page in Window. There is no help system other than the PDF instructions that you are downloading. If you are downloading a PDF report or document, there is no instructions on how to use or print a PDF file. There are known limitations to Configurator 3.1.1. While you can make panels have tool buttons, clicking them will change the active tool in the tool panel; but not vice-versa. Clicking a tool in the tool panel will not activate the tool in the OpenTools panel. Also, there is currently no way to make a button look like it is clicked on or off. Further, some button tooltips at the bottom of the panels will flutter when you hover over them; but they otherwise work correctly.