Adobe Creative Cloud Bootcamp

2 days. Deep-Dive Master series. You will learn in this advanced class about the interoperability and productivity possible between Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat DC. 

Working hands-on, you'll get answers to all your questions about Adobe workflow for print publishing. Topics include:

  • Adobe Bridge 2023: tips and tricks for organizing and using digital assets
  • Setting up synchronized color management and swatches across applications
  • Bridge collections, review mode, contact sheets, Export panel, and Workflow panel
  • Bridge plus Adobe Camera RAW plus Photoshop to workflow stable color
  • Setting up Workflow panel features of Adobe Bridge 2023
  • Adding metadata to your digital files; making and reviewing collections of files
  • Photoshop Adjustment panel, Properties panel, content-aware scaling
  • Layer masking techniques that work well in InDesign
  • Figuring correct resolution in Photoshop; creating layer comps
  • Using Smart Guides, Smart Objects, and non-destructive Smart Filters
  • Vibrance adjustment; color range mask; on-image controls
  • Adobe Camera RAW filter and Neural filters
  • Auto Blend and Auto Align speed up collage techniques
  • The Quick Selection tool and other new ways to select subject
  • Preparation of Photoshop files for placing into InDesign
  • Illustrator Blob tool, multiple artboards, gradient transparency
  • Pen tool drawing tips and application preferences
  • On-object editing, align anchors, improved 3D effects, intertwine, etc.
  • Tracing scanned artwork in Illustrator with Image Trace and Live Paint
  • Exploring color with LiveColor and
  • Preparation of Illustrator files for placing into InDesign
  • Illustrator 2023: Highlights of favorite useful/new features
  • InDesign 2023 has improved Links Panel, Live Preflighting, and Smart Guides
  • Styles, style spanning, style mapping, scripts, GREP searches and auto-styles
  • Enhanced text handling features, view rotation, and other new features
  • Export to PDF for web, digital and commercial printing
  • Export to EPUB on tablet devices
  • Creative Cloud for sharing files in collaboration and review
  • Acrobat DC: How to update a design while keeping form fields
  • Production tools: separations preview, fix-ups, and BW conversion


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